April 9, 2017

Grazing FAQ’s.

We understand that because this is a new event –  the likes have not been seen in these parts before – that a few questions are already popping up. Rather than leaving you hanging, let’s get to the bottom of a few of these questions…


Creative Directors – O Tama Carey and Mat Lindsay


When is Grazing Down the Lachlan?

Saturday 23rd September 2017. And this is the very first year.

Where is it being held?

So this is what we can tell you: it’s within a 20km radius of Forbes. We like to live on the edge so its exact location is a surprise. Not even Google Maps will know about it.

What will I expect to see when I arrive on site?

Well if we told you that then the surprise would be ruined! It’s basically a bush track – no joke. We are giving a lot of thought to wheelchair access so will get back to you on that. If you have ankles that tend to roll then please strap accordingly! And if you are looking for an adventure then step right up.

How many people are expected to attend?

We’re planning on hosting 800 people. And are we mad? Yes.

How are we getting out there?

On the day of the event, every single ticket holder will be transported by bus to the site. We will pick everyone (and we mean everyone) up from the Forbes Town Hall. It will be a staggered affair – so not everyone will be heading out at once. Transport via buses is a logistical measure to ensure that cars aren’t parked on the site, the road is still open, the land is left relatively untouched and we can move everybody off-site in an orderly manner (that’s the aim anyway!)

Can I be on a bus with my friends?

Yes, for sure. The only limitation will be the size of your group. So if it’s a whopping big group then it might be tricky but we’ll do our best. You can choose the bus you are going on when you buy your tickets, make sure you speak to your friends so you all choose the same bus. Once each bus is sold out…that’s it! So, get a group, choose a bus and book together! There will be bus times and transport information published closer to ticket sales.

So once we arrive, then what happens?

Once you disembark from the bus, you will be led down the bush track to the first of 7 food stations. Here is where the fun really begins…At each of the 7 food stations, you will be presented with a dish and matched beverage experience that will be out of this world. Each dish has been carefully designed by O Tama and Mat, our creative directors, and then sourced and prepared by a local caterer. They have put all of their blood, sweat, and tears (well not literally we hope) into these dishes and they are going to be something special. To avoid waste, each dish will be entirely edible or presented on recyclable material.

What will the food be like?


No really…will I be eating wild boar or witchetty grubs?

The ingredients are sourced locally with an emphasis on indigenous food and with two of Sydney’s best Chefs at the helm we assure you every morsel will be totally AMAZING.


What if I have allergies or dietary requirements?

This is a tricky one for us. Given the resources available, the caterers won’t be able to alter the menu for specific intolerances. As much as we’d like to, we’ve come to the realisation that we can’t cater for individual needs.

We will list all ingredients for the dishes on a blackboard at each food station. However, for people with serious food allergies, we can’t guarantee that there has been no cross contamination.

What should I wear?

Ahh, we’re so glad you asked. This is the number one question. Grazing Down the Lachlan is going to be held in the bush. With long grass. And bugs. And lizards (and possibly their legless friends.) We suggest you start with covered shoes suitable for a spot of walking and build your outfit from there (fellas, are you still with us?!) And definitely a hat as the shade will be inconsistent. Put it this way, you aren’t going to the Ritz Carlton, but there might be model talent scouts on site, so take the middle ground.


Will I be able to bring my own alcohol?

No. This is a sophisticated food and wine event with the emphasis on the experience rather than a booze up. This is not like a music festival – we’ve all been there – where you try and smuggle in your own drinks. If anyone brings alcohol, we will treat it like contraband, take it and we won’t give it back! (We’ll regard it as a contribution to the committee’s after party)

Everyone will be allocated a standard drink at each of the 7 stations, as well as filtered rainwater. Having said that, when the bus drops you back into town in the evening, what you do with your time and energies at the local drinking establishments is entirely your choice.

What should I bring?

Not much really! We will have all you need. If you dehydrate easily then please bring your own water bottle & it can be filled up with rain water on site. You won’t need cash but perhaps a camera to catch the action of course. Let’s just pretend there’s no Wi-Fi out there and have a tech-free time (now there’s a challenge!!)

What if it’s wet?

The committee has already put in an order for a dry September so that’s all taken care of. If our message doesn’t get through then we will advise you of an alternative arrangement.


How do I get a ticket?

If you’re still reading then you must be keen to attend (thanks for hanging in there.) Tickets will be released on Saturday, June 24 for Friends of Grazing and Saturday, July 1 for general release. Set your phone alarm for these dates and if you haven’t already, go and register interest for the general release tickets on the website. https://grazingdownthelachlan.com/#tickets

We have already sold out of ‘Friends of Grazing’ tickets, which guarantee each Friend a total of 4 tickets. Once these 4 tickets have been purchased, we will then sell General Release tickets to the public. They are $150 each. 

Is there anything else on in Forbes over the weekend?

We thought you might like to ‘Meet the Makers’ on Friday night so we are gathering suppliers, caterers, cooks, committee members and general riff raff at the Forbes Services and Citizens Club for just that reason. It will be a simple affair with a chat to hear how creative minds tick, an interview or two and a chance to get in the mood and start the weekend off on the right foot.

Anything else?

Hopefully we’re all on the same page now – and you are well and truly in the loop. If you have any suggestions or further questions, please join us on social media to be a part of the discussion.
Bye for now!
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